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Cricket news from around the World

cricket and Zodiac CasinoContent Update: 04/04/2017

As the cricket season gets under way in the Western Hemisphere, it is beginning to wind down on the other side of the World meaning that there are some exciting cricket matches taking place around the clock, making for an interesting and exciting time for lovers of the game and lots of incentive to keep up with all the latest cricket news.

To begin with, in Adelaide, Australia won the tri-series cricket title, defeating Sri Lanka by sixteen runs. Their victory was largely due to an exciting display of appalling with pace bowler Clint McKay, taking five wickets to knock Sri Lanka out of the running for two and fifteen, in the best out of three matches final.

The Sri Lankans appeared to be digging in for victory when they mounted a challenge in their innings, with Upul Thuranga looking like being their hero after an early collapse. However when Thuranga was eventually bowled out by McKay on 71, the Sri Lankans lost their impetus. It was all one-way traffic and the Aussies ran out victors with seven balls still in reserve. Wants to watch all matches in discounted price, check on payday loans.

Casting a minor damper on the Australian victory might have been the fact that they were issued a minor fine for failing to maintain an acceptable rate of overs during the match.

Meanwhile, in the first test between England and West Indies held at Lord’s, the host country seem to be gaining the upper hand after the third day’s play.

The English cricket team, following a lackluster first innings by the West Indians of just two hundred and forty-three managed to score an impressive three hundred and ninety-eight, leaving the Indies with a hundred and fifty-five to make up in their second innings.

A West Indies also started to deliver tentatively in the second innings and at the end of play on the third day and went to the pavilion at one hundred and twenty-four four wickets, meaning tremendous uphill struggle awaits them and a likely victory for England looks very much on the cards. The only way to clear their minds was playing casino promotionen. If you’re interested in online casinos as well, don’t forget to check out our partners for the Best Online Casino Bonus and the latest Online Casino Games!

In India, veteran Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist, currently captaining the Kings XI in Punjab, has announced that he plans to retire as a player in the very near future.   Gilchrist, who had already retired from international cricket, way back in i 2008, has enjoyed a better career in club cricket, captaining Deccan Chargers to the Indian Premier League IPL title in 2009 before accepting the captain’s role for the Kings XI in 2011.  The forty-one-year-old Gilchrist, who obviously likes the way of life in the Punjab, admitted that he would be interested in considering joining the coaching staff, full-time basis, pointing out that he had been unofficially acting as a coach and mentor for the site during most of the season. One thing lot of people do not know that’s players obsess with online casinos. Especially playing on microgaming casino games. What games for player interest available on online casino reviews sites.

The Booming Business Of Cricket In Australia

Cricket, along with rugby, has always been a very popular sport in Australia. It continues to gain in popularity each and every year. In fact, in the next four-year cycle the sport is expected to reach A$1.08 billion in revenue. That is an incredible amount but comparing it to the current A$684 million makes it even more astonishing. All of this equates to about a 63% growth in revenue over the next four years.

As a side note, the estimates are always done on four-year cycles because so much of the annual revenue is dependent on which national teams come to make a tour of Australia. A match against England would naturally generate more revenue than a match against many of the other nations in the world. The betting on games like this also increases, such is the excitement behind big matches such as this.

Growth without Stellar Performance

What’s even more compelling is that the country is experiencing this revenue growth even with rather lacklustre performances. The team has struggled in recent matches against England, but the popularity has not diminished one bit. Most people believe that it should not take long for the team to turn it around though.

So how has Cricket Australia been so successful on the revenue side? Well, one way they have done this is that they have been very successful at managing their broadcasting rights. Nearly two thirds of the projected revenue is now coming from the revenues generated from the broadcasting rights that were sold.

More and more Australians are tuning into the cricket matches so that number will surely go up the next time the broadcasting rights are up for negotiation. If Cricket Australia can just get back to their winning ways, there is no telling how much they can grow the brand. Worldwide broadcasting would be the next giant leap in terms of potential revenue generation for Cricket Australia.

Holy Cricket Club!

Cricket is a sport that is enjoyed on a subcontinental level. In many of the smaller countries, it is the national pastime. In other countries, it may not be the national sport, but it certainly has the same loyal following. Practically every country in the world participates in this sport at least to some degree and now the Vatican has joined the mix!

Cricket In The Vatican

In a surprising turn of events, not only did the Vatican form their own cricket club, which was named the St. Peter’s Cricket Club, but the team went on to challenge the Church of England’s cricket club to a match at Lord’s. It’s a holy cricket match that will surely catch the eye of the entire world. Officials are absolutely ecstatic at how popular the sport is and the response that they are getting.

The original idea to form a Vatican sponsored cricket club was pretty simple. They wanted to give their priests, as well as seminarians, an alternative option for any sporting desires. In addition to that, it gives the Vatican an opportunity to communicate to the world in a different way. In essence, it is a new way to engage with the other religious denominations of the world. Even though Pope Francis prefers football, it’s only a matter of time before he gets behind the idea.

The Vatican’s match with the Church of England and possible future matches will be scheduled around September of every year. The reason for this is that this is a time of holiday for the seminarians. It will give everyone the opportunity to participate in the event.

Further initiatives are happening around the world as different religious denominations are forming their own cricket clubs. Everyone is seeing the potential here to create a type of sporting diplomacy. What all of the church officials hope for is that this sport can actually help to unite the different religions by using the sport of cricket as the binding force.

Australian Cricket Players Attributing Poor Performance To Over-Scheduling

This is not something that should be a surprise to anyone, and it is not limited to just the Australian cricket players. It is actually something that happens all over the world and in all sports. When a sport gains in popularity the natural reaction by the owners and managers is to schedule more matches. More matches mean more revenue. The downside to all of this is that it can be taxing to the athlete both mentally and physically.

Australian cricket players have recently voiced their concerns over the scheduling and firmly believe that it is reducing their level of performance on the field. Currently the Australian cricket players have to navigate league play, in season tournaments, test team matches all at the same time. All of this means unfavourable time slots for the players and the players are speaking out on these issues.

Exhausted With No Backup

Players are worn out and their substitutes or replacements are often not capable of performing on the same level, at least not yet. Combine the tired players with lesser performing substitutes or replacement players and it is a recipe for disaster. The question here is whether the owners and officials will listen to these voiced concerns.

The good thing is that all of this is coming from the Australian Cricketers’ Association. That means that they have enough substance to garner a diplomatic approach. They accomplish this by putting together documentation of the facts. None of this information is available to the public other than that the report is indeed being taken seriously.

As the sport of cricket continues to grow, there will be more disputes between the players and managers. In the past, the managers have been overly sensitive to criticism. Now they are learning to take the criticism so that they can work with the players to grow the sport in a healthy way.

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The easy way to watch live cricket games online

Watching cricket may not be everybody’s idea of excitement, but for those who love and understand the game it can be a very satisfying experience. In the days of a five-day test it would be very difficult to find all-day coverage, especially if the test match was taking place on the other side of the world.

However, since cable television came on the scene, getting to watch a test match or even one of these highly exciting one-day tests certainly got a lot easier. Cricket lovers could always find a channel showing cricket matches either at international or club level.

That was as all to the well and good until without noticing it, their cable bills began to creep up and reach quite frightening proportions. For many cricket lovers a decision had to be made and either way it was going to be a costly one. The first choice was to cut down on the number of cricket matches that they watched during the season, or to absorb the costs of watching them. Something that went against the grain.

This was a situation that continued for a very long time until from nowhere another option popped up that appeared to solve all the problems that a cricket lover came up against in their desire to watch as many live cricket games as they could,

That option was to watch cricket matches that could be taking place anywhere in the world through their computer. Cricket lovers who came across this fabulous opportunity discovered three things. Try to find instant cash online, try on payday loans online.

• For a one-off fee they can watch as many cricket matches as they could find at the cost of just one or maybe two months cable subscription.
• That if you had to travel somewhere they do not have to miss their favourite match, because they can watch it anywhere where they had a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop or tablet.
• If they were in transit and were unavailable to watch the game the match live they could always ask a member of the family or colleague at work to save the match onto your computer hard disk and watch it later.

Cricket is a game that has been played for centuries and has always enjoyed a very rich tradition. However, it has undergone more changes and many others over the last few decades and mostly for the better. Being able to watch live cricket thanks to the wonder of the Internet is certainly one of the better advances.

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